Sunday, September 30, 2007

Punxsutawney Phil Comes For A Visit

We were the Kindergarten family chosen for Phil to spend the weekend with. Sydney has been waiting 12 weeks for this little guy to visit. He's a lot of fun. He did wander away a lot. All weekend all we heard from Syd was "where is Phil?" and "where did he wander off to?". That actually means where did she leave him. He's been a busy guy: carpool, fishing, park, church and the mall. Oh the adventures. The picture with all the kids in it would be the carpool gang. My car can get very loud.


Laura said...

Uncle Jason was really excited when he heard about your special guest. Its a weatherman thing. Phil predicts the weather, so does Uncle Jason. I especially liked Phil and Sydney fishing. Very cute. We also had a special guest for the weekend not too long ago. I will try to post a picture soon.

Melonie said...

Oh my carpooling hannah! You are one busy Mama! How do you get them all into school?
Love the new pics! Syd looks very proud to have Phil at her house. We had Pierre Bear come from France to visit us when Evan was in Kindergarten. We'll see who we get this year. Looks like you guys had a fun, furry, and busy weekend.