Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cray 8!

My baby turned 8 while we were in Chicago. Her big day was on Memorial Day. We packed a ton of fun into one day. We had a little party for her at Poppy & Grandma's house while we watched the Hawks. Madison even wrote a new Happy Birthday song to the tune of Take Me Out To the Ball Game. It was great!

For dinner we went to Portillo's. We ate at Portillo's twice while on our trip. It has the best Italian Beef.

Syd thinks they have the best hot dogs she has ever eaten.

We also went to Cantigny to see all the flower gardens and the War Museum.

Does the picture below look familiar or the one above with Syd? Remember the movie League of Their Own?
My dear friend from High School was kind enough to make a Birthday Cake for Sydney. When we lived in chicago she would make cakes for Madi's b-day. Sydney was very excited. She had said she didn't want a plain square cake. Here we are with our little ones. She set Thomas and I up on a blind date back in the day.

The Birthday Cake. The Birthday Girl had a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chicago Wins!!!!!

We spent the evening watching the Hawks win the Stanley Cup. The truth is I was the only one who watched the Hawks win. The girls were in bed sleeping. Then the game went into overtime and Thomas went for a walk. He said he he was stressed. The game starts and I'm thinking he'll be back any minute......?.....and nope he wasn't. I call him and tell him he is missing the game and I think they won. If you saw the game you'll know why I say "I think they won". It was a strange ending. Thankfully I hit the record button and caught the win.

These are just some of the shots from around Chicago that Hawks things. The Tiffany store statue even had a Hawks shirt on.
This is Thomas and his brother watching one of the games. He had fun watching the game with his family. It was funny to see him have other men to yell at the tv with.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Family Visit

Our first full day in Chicago we went and had lunch with some of my Cousins. We had a wonderful afternoon with everyone. When I first moved to Chicago I was ready to come home. My Mom knew that we had some family in IL. and made a call. One Saturday I made the hour drive to meet some family. I spent many weekends with them. It was great to see them again and Madi and Sydi got to know them too. We had a wonderful time.

Madi was beyond excited to get her hands on Lilly.
Madison was our photographer for the day. She saved up her money and got a camera for the Chicago trip. All the pics in this post were taken by her except the one with Lilly of course. ;)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Where We've Been

My posts this week will be about our trip to Chicago. We had a great time!