Thursday, May 31, 2007

Red Robin and Shrek3

After Tom got out of work we went to Red Robin for dinner. Syd talked all day about going and getting sung Happy Birthday. When they began singing she hid behind her balloon. She enjoyed her dinner and FREE ice cream. Her whole meal was FREE because she got a coupon for her B-day. Then we did a little shopping after dinner for a new keyboard. I dropped my bottle of water on the laptop lastnight. YIKES!!!! Everthing still works on it except the keyboard. Oh well. Then we went to see SHREK:( . The girls liked it. Tom and I thought it was okay but not as good as the other two. It was short. The music was good. We would have waited and rented it had I know it stunk. I would go see it but it's not worth $9 a ticket. Maybe catch an early show for less. She said she had a great day on the car ride home.

Birthday Celebration At The Pool

Sydney kept saying I want a party. Mommy kept saying no. I then gave in and let her have one friend over. Thank you Bailey. We celebrated her day at the pool in the morning. We had a great morning of swimming, lunch and a cookie cake. One thing I forgot to get a picture of was her B-day sign. I went to the store and got a Happy B-day sign. Only to find out when I went to hang it up at the pool it said Happy New Year. Syd still wanted it hung up. Happy New Year Syd. We celebrated again in the evening with just Daddy, Mommy and Madison.

Happy Birthday Sydney!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Morning At The Pool

We live at the pool in our subdivision during the summer the girls seem to turn into fish. We usually stay for the whole day on saturdays and send Daddy on the lunch and dinner run.

Madison and Sydney with Jenny the little girl we watch.
Jenny isn't all about the pool.

Madison doing a hand stand.

The splash after Madison jumped in. I tried to capture the jump.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At Pre School Sydney was in a program call Little Stars. It's a gymnastics company that comes to the school. She loved it. These are some pictues from the final program.
Frog sack races.


Zap the bug on the lilly pad.


We went to the 8th annual Frog Festival in our town. The girls had a great time. Sydney just loves frogs. Sydney's teacher this year told us that FROG stands for Fully Rely On God.

Poppy and Grandma

These pictures are from back in March. One of the special things we did while they were here was go out for Tea with Aunt Ruthie. I'm just starting this blog thing. I'm going to do a few old posts and then get into the present. I hope you enjoy keeping up with our little family.