Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Sydney!!!!

Sydney LOVES birds and bugs. She wanted a bluejay cake and so we decided on a tree cake with a bird in it. We found these cute little balloon birds at them!!!! Her real b-day is May 31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Krause House......gone crazy!

New Furniture

We've been busy around here. I painted furniture with the girls over the weekend. I didn't let them paint the black on though. The dresser was mine since I was a little girl and the desk had belonged to my SIL. There is also a chair that goes with the desk and I'm not done with that yet. We think it all came out GREAT!

Catch that bunny!!!!!!!

The other day I bought some flowers to plant and left them in the garage for the night. The next morning we went out and one of the plants had been eaten. Then the next day the other plants had been eaten also. We didn't know what was eating the flowers. One afternoon the girls and I were going out to take a meal to someone and there was the culprit in the garage a baby bunny. We put a bowl of water in the garage along with some veggies. We didn't want it to die when we found out it was a cute little baby bunny. When saturday came along it was time to catch that bunny. We finally caught him and then spent time lovin' on him with gloves on our hand. Of course it was sad for the little ladies not to be able to keep him. I asked them if this was the best thing that had ever happend in their life and they said "YES!"

Garden Girls

The other day the girls and I went shopping for some flowers to plant. They got to buy their own tools and gloves for the job. I marked the places where they needed to plant the flowers with forks. They thought that was funny and we had a great time.