Sunday, January 27, 2013


We had an ice storm on Friday.  The nice thing about the ice storm is that the hubbie was home from work by noon.  We were able to start our weekend early!  By noon on Saturday things started to thaw.  The youngest had fun breaking off the ice and eating it.  Still no snow for us.  I'm okay with that the little people not so much.  We still have a few more weeks of winter we shall see what it brings.  I saw plese be nice and warm. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sweet Little Table

This cute little table sits in our foyer and it needed some tlc.  My Mom gave it so me a few years ago.  It was made by my Dad in his wood shop class at school.  He only went to school until the 8th grade.  The table was made that final year.  I'm not sure of the year...he was born in 1924....sometime in the late 30's.  I love the history of this little piece. 
My girls went crazy when I pulled out the paint.  "What are you doing this is an antique?"  lol!  Part of me wanted to clean it up and part of me wanted to leave it alone.   I think it came out great!  I'm happy to have the before and after pictures.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TruMoo Chocolate Milk

We were lucky enough to chosen by Bzzagent to spread the bzzzz about TruMoo Chocolate Milk.  You would never know that it is 1% lofat milk.  It is so rich and creamy!  It made a great afternoon snack.
2 BIG plusses for my family:
Our Farmers Pledge
1.  NO Artificial Growth Hormones
2.  NO  High Fructose Corn Syrup
Comes fresh from our local Dairy. 
We give TruMoo Chocolate Milk a BIG thumbs-up!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Harmony Barber Shop Disney World

Harmony Barber Shop is a little hidden gem inside Magic Kingdom just as you enter Main Street.  I can't even remember how we found out about it before our trip.  I knew we had to go.  We just don't have the money for the other hair place and my girls are 10 and 13.  They just wanted something fun and cute.  We got to the shop on Sunday morning as we entered the park only to find out you needed a reservation....ugh :(.  I didn't see that when looking for information on it.  We started to walk back out and said thank you.  The lady told us to call the Disney line and see if they have any appointments left while we are at Disney World.  I told her this was our last day at Magic Kingdom but thanks again.  Just as we are ready to walk out she thinks she can fit us in....HAPPY DANCE!!!!!  We wait for all the 1st haircuts and 1 Grandpa to finish and it was our turn.  The girls loved it and Dad really loved the price.  Only $5 for each girl.  He was outside the Barber Shop stressing thinking we were going to be paying $50.  LOL!  Each girl got styled and sprinkled with pixie dust. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Disney Merry Christmas

Our family Christmas gift was a trip to Disney!  We had so much fun.  We hadn't been in 5 years.  I'll share some more posts of fun things we did while we were there in the days to come.  I made our reservations back in October for the new Little Mermaid Hotel.  The girls were excited!  November came with an email from Disney asking us to call about an upgrade.  We were like whatever and ignored the email and then a week later called.  They explained that we could keep our room at the Little Mermaid Hotel or upgrade for free.  We had some tears from the littlest one in our family.  It was a no brainer they gave us a 1 bedroom villa at the Saratoga Springs Resort for the same price as the value hotel.  FREE upgrade made the parents very happy!  We had a beautiful newly refurbished room that looked across the lake at Downtown Disney....beautiful.  We were more than spoiled.  We are now suffering from our Disney trip is over blues. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Harry Potter

I started reading the Harry Potter books with my girls and we are loving them!   We are starting book 4 today. We made Hot Butter Beer yesterday and it was beyond yummy.  It was like heaven in your mouth....smooth, sweet, creamy goodness.  We got the recipe from The Disney Diner Blog
My oldest daughter made a Harry Potter water bottle cover.  So cute!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Putt Putt

One of our favorite things to do is putt putt.  Syd got 2 holes in 1!!!  We had a great time and next time we will make sure it isn't going to be 103 when we decide to go again. 

 It looked and felt like Africa at 103!