Monday, January 21, 2013

Harmony Barber Shop Disney World

Harmony Barber Shop is a little hidden gem inside Magic Kingdom just as you enter Main Street.  I can't even remember how we found out about it before our trip.  I knew we had to go.  We just don't have the money for the other hair place and my girls are 10 and 13.  They just wanted something fun and cute.  We got to the shop on Sunday morning as we entered the park only to find out you needed a reservation....ugh :(.  I didn't see that when looking for information on it.  We started to walk back out and said thank you.  The lady told us to call the Disney line and see if they have any appointments left while we are at Disney World.  I told her this was our last day at Magic Kingdom but thanks again.  Just as we are ready to walk out she thinks she can fit us in....HAPPY DANCE!!!!!  We wait for all the 1st haircuts and 1 Grandpa to finish and it was our turn.  The girls loved it and Dad really loved the price.  Only $5 for each girl.  He was outside the Barber Shop stressing thinking we were going to be paying $50.  LOL!  Each girl got styled and sprinkled with pixie dust. 

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Mel said...

Love the glad you had a great trip!