Thursday, August 27, 2009


I thought I would give you all a little update on this challenge. I am a drop out. Yep that is right DROP OUT. I think after 3 weeks maybe 4 of having to post no weight loss I was VERY discouraged. We joined the YMCA on June 27 and really started working out on June 1st. I was working my tushy off and nothing (my clothes did fit better just no #). I was going 7 days a week doint 30 min. of cardio and weights every other day. I switched to an elliptical machine and started to see some results. When we first started at the Y I jumped on that elliptical and jumped right back off after 5min. I thought I might die (lol). I can now do an hour no problem. I am now doing 30 min. on the elliptical that equals 380 calories. I then do 10 min. on the treadmill and that equals 130 calories. I also do weights every other day. I have now finally started to lose weight. I do this 6 days a week and I'm exausted just thinking about it. I now have a GRAND TOTAL loss of 20 lbs. Even though I'm a drop out I'm still working hard.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

WE WON!!!!!

We got picked to host a Barbie Dance Party. We are so excited! We got an email that said they have shipped the box with all of our party supplies. I have some very excited Barbie girls. You all should check out this website and sign up if you would like to do other types of House Parties. This will be my first House Party and I'll keep you all updated on how it goes and of course what is in that box they are sending to us.

Monday, August 17, 2009

QDR Groupies

My ladies have turned into little groupies. We have started stalking this radio station. If they see them or hear they will be at a location near our house we have to go. They are trying to meet all the DJ's. So far we've met the Morning Crew and Billy Dukes. Every single time we leave a location they talk about how they have met someone famous. Ha!

My Baby is TEN!

Madison had a GREAT birthday! She requested such big girl gifts....out with the baby in with the big girl. She got her first Paula Deen cookbook and Michaels' (craftstore) gift card....Thank you Auntie Laura. She also requested a bigger fleece blanket in a girl color, Narnia movie, material for sewing and candy....thank you Grandma and Poppy. She had requested in the past but had no idea she would get it.......drum roll.........a sewing machine...Thank you Aunt Ruthie. We got her some earings and told her these are real from the locked case lol. We thought it would be a good big girl gift. She and Sydney also had a little spa day with manis and pedis. I forgot the camera....I know shame on me. As I'm doing this post she is in the kitchen working on a batch of peanut butter cookies. I LOVE my baby I mean big girl.

Arts & Crafts

We bought some of those black and white notebooks and rocked them out. We even made matching pens. I'll show you those another day.

My Little Baker

A couple of weeks ago our church had a Kid Cookie Contest. The ladies didn't win this year. Sydney made Pumpkin and Madison made Snickerdoodles. I'm a bad Mom because I only got pics of Syd. It was a crazy day folks: morning church, shopping, bake, exercise, bake some more and then drive really fast to night church to get those cookies entered.