Sunday, September 30, 2007

Punxsutawney Phil Comes For A Visit

We were the Kindergarten family chosen for Phil to spend the weekend with. Sydney has been waiting 12 weeks for this little guy to visit. He's a lot of fun. He did wander away a lot. All weekend all we heard from Syd was "where is Phil?" and "where did he wander off to?". That actually means where did she leave him. He's been a busy guy: carpool, fishing, park, church and the mall. Oh the adventures. The picture with all the kids in it would be the carpool gang. My car can get very loud.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Corning Museum of Glass

We spent about an hour at the Museum of Glass before we left. They recomend 2-3 hours. A museum of glass isn't the place for Syd. She doesn't walk she bounces. The favorite part for both girls was getting to watch a vase get made. They were just amazed at how it happend.

This was our favorite exibit. The hanging glass knives. They just looked so cool. I didn't take a picture of the whole exhibit. The kives were hanging and under them on the floor were houses. Not sure what they were trying to express. Syd and Madi thought it meant the people in the house were going to die. My thought was terrorist attack. Made ya think.
One of many beautiful stained glass pieces. The most beautiful.
Syd loved the fruit.
The girls pretending to make glass.
This was a tower Corning dish ware. They ask you to guess how many dishes it tooki to make the tower. I believe it was 684. All I could think of was lots and lots of pot luck at church. Thank goodness our church now is too big for pot luck. We had a lot of fun in our quick hour.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Homecoming Football Game

Madison and Sydney cheering on the Knights to victory.
Final score 27-26 Knights win. And the crowd went crazy.
The girls wanted a picture with a cheerleader. This cheerleader was the daughter of Madi's kindergarten teacher. The girls asked if they can pick a new cheerleader every year for a pic.
The girls in action. I didn't get a picture of it but Madi and Sydi along with friends kept trying to copy the cheerleaders. Tomorrow we will be back at the school for more sports action.

Flag Pinning Ceremony

The pics aren't great because we were doing video also. Every year the K. class puts on a flag pinning ceremony. They sing all kinds of patriotic songs and do some poems. We went to the program and then jumped in the car and headed to New York last week. I have a little video footage and I'm trying to figure out how to get it on here. Maybe you'll see it and maybe you won't. They song they are singing is in Latin. It's the school song. I believe it means: Not to us oh Lord but to you be the glory forever. I hope it plays.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Flowers At Grandmas House

When we got there my Mom had dresses that she had made the girls. The temp. was in the 60's and they insisted on wearing them.

Before we hit the road to come back to North Carolina my Mom gave them ice cream bars. Sugar them up before they get in the car.

The front of my Mom's house was covered in morning glories. The girls just loved them. They loved going out in my Mom's flower gardens. Sydney kept picking them. My Mom showed them how to find dry pods on the morning glories and get seeds out. The girls have many, many seeds to plant in the spring for their own morning glories.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


For the few days in New York Madison kept asking to see the Indian Princess grave. On the day we were to head home we made a quick stop. When you are down in the town you can see the grave up on the hill. The girls loved the view from up on the hill. They aren't use to mountains. It was just beautiful.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Back From New York

I'm so sorry Mel that I didn't get to see you. Everything was so unexpected. I'll have more pictures to post as the week goes. We arrived in New York at 11:30 pm on thursday. We stayed with my mom that night. On friday we got up and headed over to Corning, New York. We stayed at a hotel to be near my sister. We left to come back sunday night. It was such a sad time. We are able to hold on to the fact that my brother-in-law was a born again christian and is in Heaven. I'll post more pictures from the trip in the next few days.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Signing Off For A Few Days

My sister Sharyl's husband John passed away. We don't have very much information because my sister is actually out of the country on a mission trip. She is expected to get back to New York tomorrow evening. I just can't imagine. Just keep us all in your prayers.


Madison had just turned 2 the month before. We got up and turned on the news to see a building on fire. Then I saw a plane and thought they couldn't see the other building in the smoke. I never thought they were actually trying to hit the building. We found out a few days later that we were going to have another baby (Sydney). I just thought I'm bringing a baby into a very scary world. I just wanted to share some memories from that day.
These words are from a song by Bucky Covington. It's not a patriotic song it's just about how different the world is from when we were younger.
We were born to mothers who smoked and drankOur cribs were covered in lead-based paintNo childproof lidsNo seatbelts in carsRode bikes with no helmetsand still here we areStill here we are
We got daddy’s belt when we misbehavedHad three TV channels you got up to changeNo video games and no satelliteAll we had were friends and they were outsidePlaying outside
It was a different lifeWhen we were boys and girlsNot just a different timeIt was a different world
School always started the same everydaythe pledge of allegiance, then someone would praynot every kid made the team when they triedWe got disappointed but that was alrightWe turned out alright
It was a different lifeWhen we were boys and girlsNot just a different timeIt was a different world
No bottled waterWe’d drink from a garden hoseAnd every Sunday,All the stores were closed.
It was a different lifeWhen we were boys and girlsNot just a different timeIt was a different world
It was a different lifeWhen we were boys and girlsNot just a different timeIt was a different world
It was a different world

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Pond Is Done

Thomas finished the pond. Now we just need to finish planting around it. Now he and Sydney will fill it with frogs.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ok Mom Here They Are

Today I pulled out the sewing machine. It hasn't really seen a lot of action from me. My puts it to work when she visits. I made the red drapes today. I did okay. I think I might laugh someday when we sell the house if someone asks for them. I wish my mom had been here to make them for me.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

This Post Is For You Mel

I don't have a scanner but I thought I'd show you a couple pages I worked on the other night. Can you tell I'm a Creative Memories scrapper?

A Great Find

Thomas is hard at work building us a pond at the new house. He had done one at the old house and we left it. We're thinking of moving again and we just weren't sure if we wanted to do that work again. We found out due to taxes we have to stay here at least 2 years and decided to do a pond. A few weeks ago when we were out looking at houses someone had all these rocks out by the road. I joked and said maybe they're throwing them away. Tom went and knocked on the door and sure enought they were. He said he bought them and his wife didn't like them. Oh to have that kind of money. We got $300 worth of rock for nothing. We filled the back of the Honda Pilot and now Tom is at work.

Out on the Lake again.

Madison on the ride home. She was excited to go to Chick-fil-a with her coupon for dinner.
We are under a severe drought here in North Carolina. We're at the point now where they are going to start monitoring water usage in your home. They said they will be watching the usage of the water hogs and want to see it drop. When we first moved down here almost 5 years ago they had a drought. The college campuses were using porta johns. Ewwww gross. The above sign was posted at the lake next to the dock.
I didn't take the camera out this time. I took some pics from the shore to show the drought concitions. When we came in off the lake another boat in front of us had a big chunk of the motor gone from hitting the bottom. The depth finder would go from 8ft. to 40ft. just depended where.

Thomas and Michael cleaning up the boat from our great day out.

Sydney just before she fell asleep in the car and missed eating Chick-fil-a. When she got up this morning she ate if for breakfast. I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend.