Thursday, September 20, 2007

Flowers At Grandmas House

When we got there my Mom had dresses that she had made the girls. The temp. was in the 60's and they insisted on wearing them.

Before we hit the road to come back to North Carolina my Mom gave them ice cream bars. Sugar them up before they get in the car.

The front of my Mom's house was covered in morning glories. The girls just loved them. They loved going out in my Mom's flower gardens. Sydney kept picking them. My Mom showed them how to find dry pods on the morning glories and get seeds out. The girls have many, many seeds to plant in the spring for their own morning glories.


Melonie said...

Beautiful dresses, beautiful flowers and of course beautiful girls. Oh yeah and great pics too. Glad they got to spend some time in Grandma's garden. I remember how beautiful her flowers used to be.

Mummy said...

That is so great seeing the girls with your Mom. The dresses are great it makes want to take that sewing class.