Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today we went to look at a puppy. Of course we fell in love with him the minute they opened the door and this little puff of white came bouncing toward us. He is quite the active little guy. We go back and pick him up on 8-14. The girls are sad we had to leave him. We will be very busy the next 2 weeks and the lady said she could keep him for us. Madi and Sydi just keep watching the little clip over and over. I'm sure we will have MANY stories to share about Baxter when he comes home.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What do you want to do today?

Every morning I get greated with when are we going to the pool. I've been working a lot and was exausted this morning. I made a suggestion for what we should do today and they both gave a reply with what they wanted to do. Here was our conversation.

mommy: How about we have a nap day?

syd & madi: nnnnnnoooooooooooo (whine)

madi: I have an idea how about we have a beauty girls, movie day.

syd: I think we should have a wedgie day.

mommy, madi & syd: (tons of laughing)

Right now Sydney is all about wedgies and burping.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Baby Is Going To Camp

I found out that every year our church takes the 3rd - 5th grades away for the weekend for camp. Madison found out and wanted to go. We had to decide quickly because camp fills up fast. I also had decide if I wanted to be a champerone or send my baby on her own to camp. I called the church to see if champerones have to pay the registration fee. The answer was yes. I can't afford to send us both to camp. Madi will be on her own. The lady at church told me she won't even have time to think about me.
These little train cars are what they sleep in. Each car has it's own bathroom. They are cute.

This is a bus they will ride up to the camp on. The camp is about 3 hours away. We also told her she would miss trick-or-treats and she said who cares it's just a bucket of candy. I guess my little girl is growing up.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cow Appreciation Day

Today was Cow Appreciation Day at chick-fil-a. If you dressed up head to toe as a cow you got a free meal. If you came in only with the cow hat you got a free entree of your choice. The girls were decked out head-to-toe and Thomas and I had on cow hats. I forgot to bring my camera and missed out on a picture with the cow. There is always next year.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

There's A Storm A Brewin'

Every night we've had some major storms. I thought I'd get a few pics. The gilrs wanted me to get pics of them looking scared. The funny thing is that Sydney didn't have to pretend.

What's In A Name

We sent our forms into the State of North Carolina for our intent to homeschool. On the form they ask for the name of your school. We've gone thru many names trying to come up with the perfect one. Of course we came up with funny ones (Krause House Academy). Fuuny names are cute but not so cute on a diploma. One of our friends is going to use the name of the street they live on. We don't like our street name. We thought about others streets we've lived on since being married: Deep Hollow, Martin Tavern (top choice), Deer, and ect. Then we went to childhood streets Thomas moved a lot and didn't have one he wanted to use. Then we thought about the street I lived on. I lived on my street my entire life and my parents lived there for 47 years. Thomas also asked my Dad for permission to marry me there. It definitely has the meaning were looking for. Drum Roll: Our school will be named River Road Academy.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Thank You!

This post is a Thank You to my wonderful friend Melonie. She sent the girls some goodies (all made with her own hands) and we thank you so much. Even though we live far apart I think of you as one of my best friends ever. Melonie and I met in college and have shared things: hanging out at your place and watching GL (shhh don't tell my mom), your wedding dress, crafts, shopping at little craft/antique shops, strawberry festival, a crazy night with a ring (need I say more) and many others I could list. My child Madison even has your last name. The name thing just happend (loved the name since high school) but it sounds good. Thank you so much for your now long distance friendship and the goodies for the girls.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our Kinda Sorta Happy 4th.

One of the blow up things they had in the building. It was so nice to be able to stay in the air conditioned building.

We spent the morning at the pool and then later headed off for Tom's work. Every year for the 4th the place that Thomas works for has a BIG bash. They provide the building to hang out in all day, food, dj, face paint, and jumping houses for the kids. We also bring some of our own toys. In the evening the town sets off fireworks across the lake from his building. The have a HUGE deck and we all move outside for the BIG event. This event is so BIG that people start laying out blankets the night before. It is just crazy. We hang out for 5 hours for the BIG show. About 15 minutes before the show began God decided he wanted to have his own light show and pouring rain. We waited about 1/2 hr. and they decided to do the fireworks the next night. You can only imagine kids crying and ect. It was so crazy Sydney was screaming that we were going to be killed by lightning. The next thing were rushing thru the parking lot and the cooler tips over and bottled water goes rolling all over the parking lot and Syd still screaming. We didn't get to see any fireworks on the 4th. The next day our town had a little and I mean little display. We decided to go see that. We will pass next year on that one. The traffic issue was not worth the show. I hope you all had a dry and Happy 4th of July.