Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What's In A Name

We sent our forms into the State of North Carolina for our intent to homeschool. On the form they ask for the name of your school. We've gone thru many names trying to come up with the perfect one. Of course we came up with funny ones (Krause House Academy). Fuuny names are cute but not so cute on a diploma. One of our friends is going to use the name of the street they live on. We don't like our street name. We thought about others streets we've lived on since being married: Deep Hollow, Martin Tavern (top choice), Deer, and ect. Then we went to childhood streets Thomas moved a lot and didn't have one he wanted to use. Then we thought about the street I lived on. I lived on my street my entire life and my parents lived there for 47 years. Thomas also asked my Dad for permission to marry me there. It definitely has the meaning were looking for. Drum Roll: Our school will be named River Road Academy.

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Melonie said...

I always loved your house on River Road. I think it is a perfect name! Good luck with your homeschooling journey. You must be getting very excited.