Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our Kinda Sorta Happy 4th.

One of the blow up things they had in the building. It was so nice to be able to stay in the air conditioned building.

We spent the morning at the pool and then later headed off for Tom's work. Every year for the 4th the place that Thomas works for has a BIG bash. They provide the building to hang out in all day, food, dj, face paint, and jumping houses for the kids. We also bring some of our own toys. In the evening the town sets off fireworks across the lake from his building. The have a HUGE deck and we all move outside for the BIG event. This event is so BIG that people start laying out blankets the night before. It is just crazy. We hang out for 5 hours for the BIG show. About 15 minutes before the show began God decided he wanted to have his own light show and pouring rain. We waited about 1/2 hr. and they decided to do the fireworks the next night. You can only imagine kids crying and ect. It was so crazy Sydney was screaming that we were going to be killed by lightning. The next thing were rushing thru the parking lot and the cooler tips over and bottled water goes rolling all over the parking lot and Syd still screaming. We didn't get to see any fireworks on the 4th. The next day our town had a little and I mean little display. We decided to go see that. We will pass next year on that one. The traffic issue was not worth the show. I hope you all had a dry and Happy 4th of July.

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Melonie said...

LOVE the pics. We were supposed to have thunderstorms Friday night but thankfully it held off until just after we were done with the fireworks. Marlee hates the lightening too. That is so nice that Tom's work does that for the employees. Looks like fun! I miss you all and I have been meaning to write to tell you that I sent a little package your way and when I got home from the Post Office I realized the card that goes to it was sitting on my desk. Still I'm pretty sure when you get something from Parksville, NY you will know who it's from LOL!