Monday, July 07, 2008

Thank You!

This post is a Thank You to my wonderful friend Melonie. She sent the girls some goodies (all made with her own hands) and we thank you so much. Even though we live far apart I think of you as one of my best friends ever. Melonie and I met in college and have shared things: hanging out at your place and watching GL (shhh don't tell my mom), your wedding dress, crafts, shopping at little craft/antique shops, strawberry festival, a crazy night with a ring (need I say more) and many others I could list. My child Madison even has your last name. The name thing just happend (loved the name since high school) but it sounds good. Thank you so much for your now long distance friendship and the goodies for the girls.

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Melonie said...

Oh I am so glad you got them. I think of you as one of my very best friends ever too. Even if you did just make me cry happy tears and then snort with laughter over the ring thing:) I miss you all bunches and wish we could see each other more often. Hugs to everyone and hope you are having a great summer!