Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Baby Is Going To Camp

I found out that every year our church takes the 3rd - 5th grades away for the weekend for camp. Madison found out and wanted to go. We had to decide quickly because camp fills up fast. I also had decide if I wanted to be a champerone or send my baby on her own to camp. I called the church to see if champerones have to pay the registration fee. The answer was yes. I can't afford to send us both to camp. Madi will be on her own. The lady at church told me she won't even have time to think about me.
These little train cars are what they sleep in. Each car has it's own bathroom. They are cute.

This is a bus they will ride up to the camp on. The camp is about 3 hours away. We also told her she would miss trick-or-treats and she said who cares it's just a bucket of candy. I guess my little girl is growing up.


dweedul said...

That sounds like agood time. I always liked camps when i was younger. I hope she has fun.


Laura F. said...

That is such a big step! I hope she has fun!