Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day and there are no pictures to even show how busy. In the morning we had our homeschool co-op s.e.e.k: spiritually and educationally enhancing knowledge. We got on the waiting list back in June and found out about 2 weeks ago that we got in. They said that they added 52 new families this year. There are over 500 kids. We started off with a rockin' High School led asseembly. Then we went off to our classes. Sydney is taking a P.E. type class and the Magic School Bus Animal Adventure. Madison is taking a class on Laura Ingalls Wilder and the book Little House In The Big Woods. The other class she chose is about slavery. They had a great time. I also get to go to a class for the first hour and it is taught by a homeschooling Mom. Her son's are 22 and 27 college graduates and she shares all of knowledge. The 2nd hour I help in a class and you will never guess what type of class it is. I didn't get to choose this class I was just told here is where you'll help. Drum roll: The class is called Memory Keepers. I'm helping in a Creative Memories class woooohoooo. The only draw back I guess is that they are junior high to high school aged girls (drama) and one boy. The boy isn't too happy about the class. When you join the co-op you get to number your classes for first choice to last choice. They tell you they can't promise you'll get your first choice and I think that is what happend to that poor boy. Maybe he'll love it by the end. We all had a GREAT time!

I also added a tupperware party to the end of my day. I had a party with only 3 people and had sales over $450. Free tupperware for me!!!! Madison thinks I should sell tupperware and she would go and help me with parties. Hmmmmm, I guess I'll have to think about it.

Today we are just doing school and then I've got to work the next 4 days. Yuck! Have a great weekend! Happy Labor Day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hey Chicago What Do You Say? Cub's Are Gonna Win Today!

The girls ready to head to a Chicago Cub's game. This was their first game.
Thomas at the game. Notice how high up our seats are. It was raining and we still had hope for a game.
Chicago Cubs vs. Atlanta Braves
Go home there is too much rain. Come back tomorrow at 1 pm for a double header. What we are suppose to go home in the morning. We can't come to another game.
No game.

We went to the mall for some Dairy Queen to make us all feel better.
We came back for the 1 pm game. We are young we can drive home in the dark. The stadium was maybe only half full if that. Tom's sister asked an usher if we could sit in the home run area and she said sure. Now if you remember the pic from earlier our seats were up high. Now we were like 8 rows from center field.
A shot of the pitchers. Tom too Madison over to see them and they would even look over. I took Sydney over to say hi and we got pitcher Kerry Wood's to wave. I yelled a hi Kerry and said thank you.
Here is a happy Syd.

Thomas decided to do a little wandering and see how close he could get to the Cub's dugout. He called me on the cell phone and said get over here I have 5 seats right behind the dugout. Yeah!! The people had already left the game. I guess they must have been Braves fans.
Cubbies win 10-2. Here they are at the end of the game going back into the dugout. When we came home I looked at our counter on the camera we have 165 pics of just the Cub's game. I know we went crazy. I've had a hard time just picking the ones for this post.
Notice the player with the ball in his hand and see how is looking at us. He is the Cubbies pitcher that ended the game.
The ball now belongs to the Krause House.
Cubbies won all 3 games they played against the Braves that week. Now Madison and Sydney will love the Cubbies forevere. I was nervous about going to the Braves stadium being a Cub's fan. When we got the parking lot of the stadium all I kept seeing were Cub's fan's everywhere. One news report said that 75% of the crowd were for the Cubbies. It was a GREAT ending to our trip.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


He loves to sleep on his back.

Baxter has been here for 1 week now. We have fell in love with this little guy. More Atlanta pics to come later in the day. The best part of the trip.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Madison

Madison turned 9 yrs. old while we were in Atlanta. She chose to go to Carrabba's for her b-day dinner. Tom's sister was able to spend some time with us. During the day we went and got Madison's ears pierced. She got to pick out the perfect pair and chose her birth stone. In the evening we went to a Chicago Cubs game against the Atlanta Braves.

No tears. She was so brave. Her ears are doing good now. They started to get bad and we changed cleaners and everything looks good.

Coca-Cola World

One of the cool things about CCW is that you get to try all the products from around the world.
This was one of our favorites from China. We thought it tasted like a jolly rancher with fizz.
Sydney sampled every single one. When we first got in the room she told me she was going try every single one. REALLY???? She had every single one even the vegetable one from Japan. I can't even say I tried everyone. Some were good and others were dump down the drain.
At the end of the tour you leave with your own glass bottle of Coke.

The Coca-Cola Polar Bear.

We all got to hold the torch from the Olympics.
This the the torch for China.
This is the couch from American Idol. Tom's sister also came along with us. I guess I forgot to get pics of us all.


On our first full day in Atlanta I took the girls to the Aquarium. I was a little nervous because I don't drive in cities. We made it in and out of the city. The entire time they kept saying how they wished Daddy could see this. Thomas had to work while we ladies vacationed.

They had an indoor play area for the kids. It was huge and all about the sea. The slide was an entire whale you slid thru. You started in the tail and came out of the mouth.

The girls got to touch a stringray, starfish, shrimp and a crab.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta

We are back from Georgia and had a great time. Tom had to go on a business trip and we went along. On the first night we headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe. If you ever go to Atlanta it's not worth it. If you've ever been to a HRC you know how loud they are. While we ate a large group of people came in and sat down. The next thing you know there is some more music playing and even louder than the music the HRC is playing. Everyone is trying to figure out what is going on???!!!!! The CRAZY group that came in brought there own stereo. Hello!!!!! Who does that????!!!! When the manager came over and asked them to turn it off they claimed not to know they had turned it on. Duuuhhhh! Madison had a great time she thinks she is a rock star.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

School Room

This is where Sydney does her work. My Dad made this table with 4 chairs about 27 years ago. We have the other 3 in storage. She love her little work space.
Everybody has a cubbie with all the school books. We went supply shopping a couple weeks ago and are loaded with tons of fun things. The girls had a blast picking things out. Everything for school had to be a certain color and plain in the past. I thought they would get all this princess and High School Musical stuff and I was wrong. Everything has puppies on it.
We made a little corner in our bonus room the school room. The other half still has the tv and all the toys.
That is where we spend our day. All that is left to do is have Daddy hang our dry erase board on the wall. Today was our 3rd day of school. I know some of you are like what it's still summer. We've been out since the 20th of May. Our plan is to be done by then again. Madison has been fantastic and a great worker. Sydney on the other hand has been a bit of a stinker. Today was much better. We had a little chat yesterday. Next time I'll post some pics of the girls hard at work.

Diva ???

Sydney hates to have her hair done and has been looking like a little homeless girl. She and I went and got our hair done. During school last year she decided to grow out her bangs. Oh joy! She didn't want her hair cut and I told M our hairdresser to just cut it. She was so angry. Now she is looking owned and loved again. By the smile you can see that she loves it too. We even had to stop by work and show Daddy.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

yada yada yada

This post is for my mom whoe doesn't have email. My cousin had a baby and emailed pics and this is the only way for me to share them with my mom. My sister Sharyl went there to be with my cousin. Isn't the baby beautiful!