Friday, August 22, 2008

Hey Chicago What Do You Say? Cub's Are Gonna Win Today!

The girls ready to head to a Chicago Cub's game. This was their first game.
Thomas at the game. Notice how high up our seats are. It was raining and we still had hope for a game.
Chicago Cubs vs. Atlanta Braves
Go home there is too much rain. Come back tomorrow at 1 pm for a double header. What we are suppose to go home in the morning. We can't come to another game.
No game.

We went to the mall for some Dairy Queen to make us all feel better.
We came back for the 1 pm game. We are young we can drive home in the dark. The stadium was maybe only half full if that. Tom's sister asked an usher if we could sit in the home run area and she said sure. Now if you remember the pic from earlier our seats were up high. Now we were like 8 rows from center field.
A shot of the pitchers. Tom too Madison over to see them and they would even look over. I took Sydney over to say hi and we got pitcher Kerry Wood's to wave. I yelled a hi Kerry and said thank you.
Here is a happy Syd.

Thomas decided to do a little wandering and see how close he could get to the Cub's dugout. He called me on the cell phone and said get over here I have 5 seats right behind the dugout. Yeah!! The people had already left the game. I guess they must have been Braves fans.
Cubbies win 10-2. Here they are at the end of the game going back into the dugout. When we came home I looked at our counter on the camera we have 165 pics of just the Cub's game. I know we went crazy. I've had a hard time just picking the ones for this post.
Notice the player with the ball in his hand and see how is looking at us. He is the Cubbies pitcher that ended the game.
The ball now belongs to the Krause House.
Cubbies won all 3 games they played against the Braves that week. Now Madison and Sydney will love the Cubbies forevere. I was nervous about going to the Braves stadium being a Cub's fan. When we got the parking lot of the stadium all I kept seeing were Cub's fan's everywhere. One news report said that 75% of the crowd were for the Cubbies. It was a GREAT ending to our trip.

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Melonie said...

Looks like so much fun! Remember our B-Mets game:) and the Hall of Fame? Can't believe how big Madi and Ev are now:( Glad you got to see the game even if it meant driving in the dark.