Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Great Find

Thomas is hard at work building us a pond at the new house. He had done one at the old house and we left it. We're thinking of moving again and we just weren't sure if we wanted to do that work again. We found out due to taxes we have to stay here at least 2 years and decided to do a pond. A few weeks ago when we were out looking at houses someone had all these rocks out by the road. I joked and said maybe they're throwing them away. Tom went and knocked on the door and sure enought they were. He said he bought them and his wife didn't like them. Oh to have that kind of money. We got $300 worth of rock for nothing. We filled the back of the Honda Pilot and now Tom is at work.

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Melonie said...

That was an awesome job! Can't wait to see the finished pond. Then will Tom come to NY to help us. We have been "going" to do one for about 3 summers. Next year I want froggies!