Monday, September 24, 2007

Corning Museum of Glass

We spent about an hour at the Museum of Glass before we left. They recomend 2-3 hours. A museum of glass isn't the place for Syd. She doesn't walk she bounces. The favorite part for both girls was getting to watch a vase get made. They were just amazed at how it happend.

This was our favorite exibit. The hanging glass knives. They just looked so cool. I didn't take a picture of the whole exhibit. The kives were hanging and under them on the floor were houses. Not sure what they were trying to express. Syd and Madi thought it meant the people in the house were going to die. My thought was terrorist attack. Made ya think.
One of many beautiful stained glass pieces. The most beautiful.
Syd loved the fruit.
The girls pretending to make glass.
This was a tower Corning dish ware. They ask you to guess how many dishes it tooki to make the tower. I believe it was 684. All I could think of was lots and lots of pot luck at church. Thank goodness our church now is too big for pot luck. We had a lot of fun in our quick hour.


Melonie said...

Very cool! My parents just took a tour there. It's on our list of things to do too. Especially after seeing your pics. Love the one of the girls blowing glass.

Laura said...

That museum looks totally cool! I am glad you were able to go. I am so happy that you post these pictures. Doesn't seem like were SO far away. . .

Mummy said...

Cool I have always loved blown glass. It looks so complicated. But the results are just beautiful. Those fruit are pretty cool.