Sunday, September 02, 2007

Out on the Lake again.

Madison on the ride home. She was excited to go to Chick-fil-a with her coupon for dinner.
We are under a severe drought here in North Carolina. We're at the point now where they are going to start monitoring water usage in your home. They said they will be watching the usage of the water hogs and want to see it drop. When we first moved down here almost 5 years ago they had a drought. The college campuses were using porta johns. Ewwww gross. The above sign was posted at the lake next to the dock.
I didn't take the camera out this time. I took some pics from the shore to show the drought concitions. When we came in off the lake another boat in front of us had a big chunk of the motor gone from hitting the bottom. The depth finder would go from 8ft. to 40ft. just depended where.

Thomas and Michael cleaning up the boat from our great day out.

Sydney just before she fell asleep in the car and missed eating Chick-fil-a. When she got up this morning she ate if for breakfast. I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend.


Melonie said...

Yikes. We are dry here too but not drought conditions Thankfully. Glad you had some fun on the lake.

Laura said...

Is that "pinks" in the picture with Sydi?

Bobbi said...

That would be pinks he goes everywhere.