Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sweet Little Table

This cute little table sits in our foyer and it needed some tlc.  My Mom gave it so me a few years ago.  It was made by my Dad in his wood shop class at school.  He only went to school until the 8th grade.  The table was made that final year.  I'm not sure of the year...he was born in 1924....sometime in the late 30's.  I love the history of this little piece. 
My girls went crazy when I pulled out the paint.  "What are you doing this is an antique?"  lol!  Part of me wanted to clean it up and part of me wanted to leave it alone.   I think it came out great!  I'm happy to have the before and after pictures.

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Mel said...

Love this story. Your Dad would be proud...This looks great!!