Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Sydney!!!!

Sydney LOVES birds and bugs. She wanted a bluejay cake and so we decided on a tree cake with a bird in it. We found these cute little balloon birds at them!!!! Her real b-day is May 31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY!!!!!!


Melonie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Sydney!!! Love that cake and oh how cute are those bird balloons. Looks like lots of fun at the Krause house.

Just so you know my blog has disappeared from my Dashboard and I cannot access it. I am pretty upset that 3 years of our life is now gone but BLogger assures me they are working on it. Keep your fingers crossed that they can recover it soon. Miss you and Have a super Birthday weekend.

Melonie said...

If you click on my name here in the comment section it will take you to a temporary blog I have set up. I am looking into other options though.

Christine said...

Aww those are adorable! I might have to write that down and try it. :D

I saw you signed up for the FNF challenge and I just wanted to say good luck on your weight loss journey!

Anonymous said...

I looove the little birdie balloons!! That cake is adorable :) it looks like a great birthday bash!

Hey I found you through FNF and I wanted to stop by to wish you nothing but success <3 we CAN and WILL lose the weight together!

Glad to have met you on here :)

Daughter of the King said...

How FUN!! Just stopping by to wish a fellow Fab by Fall friend the best of health in this challenge!!! I am really excited to do this. I've never joined a challenge like this before.

Best wishes to you!!