Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chicago Wins!!!!!

We spent the evening watching the Hawks win the Stanley Cup. The truth is I was the only one who watched the Hawks win. The girls were in bed sleeping. Then the game went into overtime and Thomas went for a walk. He said he he was stressed. The game starts and I'm thinking he'll be back any minute......?.....and nope he wasn't. I call him and tell him he is missing the game and I think they won. If you saw the game you'll know why I say "I think they won". It was a strange ending. Thankfully I hit the record button and caught the win.

These are just some of the shots from around Chicago that Hawks things. The Tiffany store statue even had a Hawks shirt on.
This is Thomas and his brother watching one of the games. He had fun watching the game with his family. It was funny to see him have other men to yell at the tv with.

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