Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Family Visit

Our first full day in Chicago we went and had lunch with some of my Cousins. We had a wonderful afternoon with everyone. When I first moved to Chicago I was ready to come home. My Mom knew that we had some family in IL. and made a call. One Saturday I made the hour drive to meet some family. I spent many weekends with them. It was great to see them again and Madi and Sydi got to know them too. We had a wonderful time.

Madi was beyond excited to get her hands on Lilly.
Madison was our photographer for the day. She saved up her money and got a camera for the Chicago trip. All the pics in this post were taken by her except the one with Lilly of course. ;)

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Melonie said...

Great pics and love that you got to spend time with family! Madi did a fantastic job as photographer! What type of camera did she get? Both of my kids want one and I want to get them before we go on vacation in July.