Sunday, June 24, 2007

Syd's Final Soccer Game

Today Sydney played in her final soccer game. We're both sad and glad. It is a big commitment. Tom has been her coach. On monday night we will have the awards program. A few weeks ago Sydney had gotten really sick and put in the hospital. They thought maybe she got bit by a tic but they were not sure. Today all the parents joked that she got bit by the soccer bug. She has become quite a power house. This is her first year playing and she has got great speed and control. Go Syd!


Melonie said...

She might be the next Mia Hamm! Did they find out what was wrong? Marlee is actually really sick with a nasty stomach bug right now.

Laura said...

Sydi!! Way to go girl! Good job on your first season of soccer! luv you!