Thursday, June 07, 2007

Busy Day and Showing Off New Clothes

Today I'm getting the house ready for a Girls Night Out Movie Night. I'm renting the movie Music and Lyrics. Now that we're in the big house we wanted to more entertaining. I mowed the front lawn this morning and cleaned the floors. Since I had been working so hard we decided to take a break and dress up. My mom was here visiting back in April and May. While she was here she did some sewing. I got a new valance for my kitchen and the girls each got an outfit. We just had a little photo shoot outside. Now I've got to get back to cleaning and get some lunch made. The most important thing today is to make some CHOCOLATE BROWNIES for the movie night.

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Melonie said...

Hope you have a great movie night! Do you think I could make it in time? Love the outfits your Mom made!