Sunday, June 03, 2007

Madison the Beach Girl

Here are some pictures of the beach room for Madison. We finished painting and put up her decorations. All that is left now is to put up chair rail and get her a new frame for the bed. She said she is even going to try and keep it this clean. Grandma Krause would be so proud. :)


Melonie said...

Their rooms look amazing! Love the colors you chose! SUPER job!

Tom, Bobbi, Madison and Sydney said...

Thank you. In the other house we painted the ceilings. We're NOT doing that again. This has been fun. Now to get the chair rail up. We've had to pain the entire house. We have 2 rooms left. We hope to have all the painting done by July.

Melonie said...

I am dreading just painting one room in my house. You guys are on a roll. It looks great.