Saturday, January 19, 2013

Disney Merry Christmas

Our family Christmas gift was a trip to Disney!  We had so much fun.  We hadn't been in 5 years.  I'll share some more posts of fun things we did while we were there in the days to come.  I made our reservations back in October for the new Little Mermaid Hotel.  The girls were excited!  November came with an email from Disney asking us to call about an upgrade.  We were like whatever and ignored the email and then a week later called.  They explained that we could keep our room at the Little Mermaid Hotel or upgrade for free.  We had some tears from the littlest one in our family.  It was a no brainer they gave us a 1 bedroom villa at the Saratoga Springs Resort for the same price as the value hotel.  FREE upgrade made the parents very happy!  We had a beautiful newly refurbished room that looked across the lake at Downtown Disney....beautiful.  We were more than spoiled.  We are now suffering from our Disney trip is over blues. 

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Mel said...

I LOVE this pic. Please share photos if you and the girls scrapbook your Disney pics! Hooray for free upgrades!