Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have been doing yoga for a little over a year. I got Thomas to try it and he really liked it. He wouldn't go alone. I got sick and he decided he would try going alone. He did it and survived! Ha! Every Sunday our YMCA has family fitness. A couple of weeks ago they had family yoga. They offered this class back in October and it was packed. We decided to get the girls their own yoga mats. A certain store had them on sale. I went in with instructions on what color everyone wanted....pink and purple. The only ones on sale were pink and navy...ugh. I grabbed the pink one and then started looking around and whala there was a purple one in the clearance section. We are a yoga lovin' family! You should see the yoga moves my youngest child can do. It's crazy how strong this child is.

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Mel said...

I am so proud of all of you! That's awesome:)