Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hughette Hefner

Syd LOVES to be in jammies. I have even let this child wear them to the YMCA, store, and library. She has even been known to wear them under her regular clothes. She has even asked for a pair of pajama jeans. Have you seen the commercial for pajama jeans? Crazy! We have started to call her Hughette. She has know idea who Hugh Hefner is except he is this man who is so rich he wears jammies all day long.
She has been reading American Girl Doll books and her favorite is Kirsten. She decided she didn't like the way the Kirsten series ended. She is now writing a book. I'm like you go girl you write that book. It's great spelling practice. We are even going to mail this story. A girl can dream. Right?
Back to the jammie thing. Syd has decided she wants to be a writer. Have you guessed why? You can be in your jammies all day!!!!

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