Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain The Only Man For The Job

We all went to a John McCain Rally in Fayetteville, NC. It was a great and long day. We left our home around 10:30 am, got in line at noon, entered the building at 2:30 pm and the program finally started at 4:30 pm. There was only one moment with the secret service where we heard "STOP THAT MAN FROM ENTERING THE BUILDING!" We went thru some major security. We were 7 rows behind John McCain. They began the rally with the pledge and everyone shouted "UNDER GOD" when we got to that part and then a word of prayer. They also honored veterans and one from World War 2. It was just so emotional. I think John McCain is a wonderful man and I pray he becomes the President.

Just standing in line waiting.
Still waiting.

Still waiting.

These are pics from some cars in the lot.

Madison and I still waiting and happy to at least be inside. Sydny and I are sick but we just medicated ourselves and jumped in the car.

Still waiting for things to happen.

I took a picture of this mans pin. The Hottest VP in the Coolest State. People LOVE Sarah!

Just some pics as the place was starting to fill up.

Madison took this pic of the flag. We ended up with seats with military family. Too long of a story to go into sayhing how that happend. We're a military family kind-of-sorta. My Dad and Uncles in World War 2, Poppy and B-I-L John in Vietman.

Isn't this baby elephant the cutest thing. They were behind us and Dad was ok with pics.

Hank Williams Jr. was the entertainment. He was good and kept it clean.

John McCain!!!!!!!

This bus came pulling into the arena with John and Cindy McCain onboard.

This man was walking around the parking lot. He was too funny. People were jumping out of cars to get his picture. Me included.

Cindy and John.

More of the McCain family.

John McCain with his famous point and thumbs up.

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Laura said...

Wow! That's really something -- the girls looked so cute in their flag outfits. I'm sure they will remember that experience forever.