Friday, October 17, 2008

Homeschool co-op

I think I've mentioned before that we are in a co-op thru our church. There are about 161 families in this group. I don't even know the number of kids. We have mentor mom's who have traveled this road we are now on. I went to my mentor mom yesterday and told her this thing wasn't going like I thought it would. I told her our background and where we are coming from. I told her what we are doing at home with our work. She basically told me to STOP what I was doing. Today is going much better. She told me I need to unschool them and school them in a way they don't know they are being schooled. I'll share our schedule for today and 2 books I'm reading at our co-op. The books shown above are must reads if your thinking about homeschooling. I read so many books before starting the homeschool thing and none of them helped me like these 2. I'm in the middle of both books.
Our schedule so far today has worked our great.
-Sydney copy verse from devotion
-Madison copy 1st paragraph from chapter 3 of Pollyanna (were reading this book)
-Mommy reads Three Young Pilgrims by Cheryl Harness (this books is fantastic)
-Sing 2 Hymns
-Listen to Thanksgiving A Time To Remember Audio Book by Barbara Rainey
-While listening to above they chose a picture from to Pilgrims books to draw and then color.
-play time
-going for walk to get sticks for art project later
-more reading
-playful patters from Discovery Toys
-online math site I found (they think it's fun because it's on the computer)
-project with sticks from walk (I'll be reading Pollyanna while they work on project)
-do some jobs around the house
-read about Miles Standish
That is our day. I'll sign back in later with some pics from the day.

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