Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holly Springs Christmas Parade

Today we headed out to our town Christmas Parade. We walked into town with our wagon full of chairs and no jackets. That is right no jackets. It was in the 70's today. The pics I took of Tom and Madi didn't come out. These are just some pics of Syd and the girls favorite things of the parade.

A dance group they liked.
Sydney enjoying the parade from the seat of the wagon.
Sydney with the Grinch.
The girls wanted a pic of the new truck. Our tax dollars hard at work.
These guys are our favorite every year. They chase around a guy in a prison suit on these little bikes. We even got one to pose with us down below.

One last dance group.
Merry Christmas !

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Melonie said...

Oh your parade looks so fun! Love the Grinch and love that it was 70!!!