Sunday, December 02, 2007

Historic Yates Mill

Sorry for the lack of posts. Our camera hasn't been working. Thus the reason for no Thanksgiving pics. I know how sad 8( . Today we took the girls to Historic Yates Mill built in 1756. Thomas and I went a few weeks ago when my sister kept the kids. In a couple weeks were going to go back and see the mill working. On the third weekend of the month they have people in costume. You get to go back in time. They also have a museum. The girls had a great time and as you'll see they also took pics today along the trail.

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Melonie said...

Beautiful pics! You look so good! Love the one of you and Tom and the one of the Girls especially!
I think I am in the holiday spirit because we've had snow a couple of times and I am trapped inside so I may as well make it pretty. I so wish we lived close so I could come and help you decorate.