Saturday, October 27, 2007


The picture I posted doesn't go along with my post. I figured if I was going to post I should pop on a pic from Disney. We love the Mad Hatter.
Melonie I think you might have passed on the tummy bug to us thru the computer. ;) We know how we got it. The kids I watch were sick and Mom brought them back before they were better and passed on the love. I sent them right back home only not fast enough. Only Sydney is sick at this time. Thomas and I feel a little bit of yuck. I think we just might be tired from being up most of the night. Madi is feeling good so far. I'm sure she'll feel the love soon too.

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Melonie said...

Sorry! We ALL ended up getting it. Like you guys we thought maybe we were just tired from being up with the kids but no, the LOVE really spreads and quick. Too bad it doesn't leave as quickly.