Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our First Day In The Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Carribean was one of the girls favorite ride. We went on Pirates, Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion over and over and over. Thomas went to Disney when he was little and said when we got the Pirates of the Carribean he could hardly sit still he was so excited to see everything to see if he remembered anything. He said that everything looked the same except for the new stuff they added of Jack Sparrow.

Here we are climbing the Swiss Family Robinson House. Thomas was so excited this was one of his favorites. The girls loved it. It looked just like the movie.Peter Pan and Wendy Darling were the first charachters we saw. We only waited about 10 min. for them to sign the books. The park had just opened and we were 4th in line. They were great.
Here are the girls ready to be in Woody Round Up parade. We found out later on the look on Madi's face is because she thought she was too cool to ride around on a stick horse in a parade. I told her yesterday she should be proud she was in the parade. They came and asked them. There were kids standing on the side that didn't get picked and they were crying.
We waited about 20 min. for Perla and Suzy. The were great and soo cute.
We ate dinner at Tony's Town Square from the movie Lady and the Tramp. It was just beautiful. For our vacation we did the meal plan. I believe we paid $13 a day per child and $30 or $40 a day per adult. That includes 2 meals 1 counter service and 1 sit down and a snack and tip. Every meal comes with entree, sides, dessert and large drink. The total for our meal that night drum roll $167. Our lunch earlier that day at Pinocchio place came to $62. We highly suggest the meal plan. Snacks are anything $4 or under. You get so much food with every meal that by the end of our trip we still had 11 snack tickets left. We used them up with ice cream before we left and snacks for the road.

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Melonie said...

These are super pics too. WE will definately be looking into the meal plan.