Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Magical Dinner

These are some trading pins we got the girls for our dinner. I bought them a lot of stuff before we got to Disney. Every night we gave them a special gift. I bought stuff from a lady on ebay who lives in Orlando and Disney store clearance. It saved us a lot of money. We did buy them a few things at Disney. At Disney World they also have this place called Bibbity Boppity Boutique. The prices start at $49 and up over $100. I really wanted the girls to go but the prices to me are just crazy. One night we went to the Disney store and bought our own stuff to do the boutique in our room. Right next to the boutique they sell all the things to do it. Every day I put body glitter on them and they thought it was the best thing in the world. We called it Tinker Bell dust. I just wanted to share a little money tips in this post and now I'm done.

That evening for dinner we ate with Cinderella and Prince Charming to help them celebrage a 1 year wedding anniversary. At the party were the evil stepsisters and stepmother. It was the best meal. The stepsisters were just as crazy and mean as they were in the movie. Stepmother was quite a trip. Sydney almost bumped into her and Thomas told her to watch out for stepmother. Thomas got a glare and was informed the name is Lady Tremaine. The meal is at the Grand Floridian and it is just beautiful. For any of you that watched Full House when you were little this is the Hotel they stayed at when they came to Disney World. When we walked in the girls said, "there is the piano Uncler Jesse played for Rebecca." We highly suggest going here for a meal. We had a dinner here and a breakfast. They also offer afternoon tea with Alice in Wonderland and her friends. At this dinner we ran into 2 families from school and a femily that lives in our subdivision. What are the chances?

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Melonie said...

Super money-saving ideas!! This is exactly what I told Elliott we should do. I plan to buy Disney shirts and prizes here and take them with me. Love the body glitter idea.