Saturday, November 05, 2011

We Survived

We survived our first Youth Group activity. When I say this to Madi she just rolls her eyes at me. She had a blast! It was called Black Out Madness and you had to wear as much white as possible. Theyhad black lights to make the kids glow. Most of the snacks were white so they glowed too. We got threre at the end of the night to see the toilet paper fight and it was something to see.....100 plus middle school kids glowing in the dark throwing toilet paper into the air.

We used:

-electrical tape on her pants with some of the fruits of the spirit.

-streamers on all of her belt loops.

-big white flower in her hair.

-electrical tape for Jesus on her t-shirt.
-white polish for her nails.

She had a great night and is still talking about it today!

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