Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just Like Dad

Syd LOVES to be just like Daddy. A month ago they sent out the information for the Grand Prix. We asked Syd if she wanted to race just like Dad did back in the day. Her answer...."nope." We were shocked. Fast forward to 7 days ago and she is freaking about this race and she wants to be in it.....UGH. Really!!!??? You had 30 days and now we only have 7!!!!!She and Daddy pulled it off and got the car done. Below is a picture of her car and Tom's from 1985.

There was a lot of drama when we got to the race tonight. Her car was too heavy and she was going to be disqualified. There was a Dad there with a tool box. He pulled out his dremel and hollowed out the underside of the car. He saved us! Syd will be sending a thank you note this week.

Syd raced 4times.....3rd place in one and 2nd place in three other races....averaged out to a 3rd place finish.

Sydney and Tom with their trophies....Daddy with a 3rd place win back in 1985 and Syd with a 3rd place win tonight.

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