Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Naked Scanner

Our entire family went on an airplane yesterday(even the dog). Yes we are crazy! We get over to security and I see new scanners. I ask the lady if they are the naked scanners and yes they were. I am told that I need to take the dog out of his crate and walk with him thru the old scanner. I follow the rules and wait for my family on the other side. I wait, wait, and wait. I finally see them grab their shoes and I'm ready to go. Oh no....."Do not give your children their shoes and do not touch them. They will need a pat down." I'm like what?????!!!!!!! Madison begins to cry and cry and Syd thinks this is the best thing. Thomas also had to get the pat down. I'm asking why do they need to get a pat down? They refused to do the naked scanner. "GOOD GRIEF!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!????" I'm just thinking why would you not just go thru the naked thing. Sydney and Madison: Daddy said not to.(Syd says this while laugh and Madison while sobbing.)

They begin the pat down and Madison just keeps crying. Poor thing. Syd just kept laughing and then she says to the lady............"this is great it's just like a massage!"


Shelly said...

Well Syd just kills me. She has a great sense of humor. I feel bad for Madison tho. And kudos to Tom! Keep the posts coming Bobbi :)

Mel said...

OMG Marlee and Syd would be besties for sure. Poor Madi...I would have cried too.