Monday, December 07, 2009

A Little Weight Update

Here I am at the end of May. I started working out on June 1st.
This picture was taken back in March. I look like yuck.
Another one from March.
Madison took some new pics of me today.
From July of 2007 to November of 2008 I had lost 20 lbs. Then in June we joined the YMCA and I've lost 30 lbs. A grand total of 50 lbs. I couldn't find any pics from 50 lbs. ago. Who wants to get their pics taken? These before pics are all with the 30 lbs. still on me. I haven't lost anything in the last month. I started with a trainer last week and I hope to shed some more pounds. I won't give my weight but I will say I've gone from a size 20 to a 14.


Melonie said...

WOOOOOOT!!!!! Bobbi you look amazing!! So proud of you!!! I lost a total of 21 and now I haven't been serious in about 2 months. After seeing these I need to get serious again. Thanks for the inspo.

Jennifer said...

You look fantastic! I hope after the baby gets here I can be that dedicated to losing the weight. Keep up the good work.

WANTED said...

congratulations, Bobbie!
This is very inspiring!!! Keep up the good work. If you can make it through that tempting time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there's nothing you can't do!!

Christine said...

Congrats on a productive year!!!! You look GREAT!!!

Phillips Family said...

Congrats. You look amazing. Very inspiring.