Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today we were in Downtown Raleigh doing some fun stuff. I'll share those pics later. We are in the van and we pass part of the NC State campus. I ask the girls if they might go there someday. If I have any NC readers my husband and I are from Chicago and New York and we don't care about Duke, UNC, NC State or whatever else there is. All you non NC readers people down here are CRAZY about the college that they went to. I just don't get it. Therefore I could care less where my girls go to college in state. I would love a private college but not so sure the bank account would like that. Now that all of that is on the table on with the story.

Mommy: Girls do you think you'll go to NC State someday?
Madison: (no answer)
Sydney: Don't you remember I'm not going to leave. I'm going to do homeschool college.
Mommy: Really?
Sydney: Yep.

Yikes!!! I might have to go back to school.

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Beth in NC said...

LOL ... it is the rivalry Bobbi. UNC people "hate" Duke people. NC State and UNC are rivals too. Basically UNC is the best (though my man went to NCSU and I went to Meredith). Ha.