Monday, September 28, 2009

Bennett Place

About a week ago we took the girls on field trip. We did a quick study of the Civil War here in the Raleigh area. One of the books we read was, “Emma and the Civil Warrior,” by Candy Dahl. We had a great time and learned so many things that you just don't learn in a school book. Did you know that Union Soldiers occupied the South for 12 years after the war eneded? When President Lincoln was shot the peace talks were taking place here in Raleigh for a surrender of the Confederate Army. To save the city from being burned Sherman kept it a secret for the Yankee Soldiers (knowing if they found out he was dead they would burn the city).

The picture of Madi and Sydi show where the two sides met that day. Madi is representing the Yankees and Sydi the Confederate Army. They are standing on the actual sides the Army's approached each other from.

This simple farmhouse was situated between Confederate Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's headquarters in Greensboro, and Union Gen. William T. Sherman's headquarters in Raleigh. In April 1865, the two commanders met at the Bennett Place, where they signed surrender papers for Southern armies in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida. It was the largest troop surrender of the American Civil War


Nancy said...

Hi Bobbi,

What a great field trip to take! History has always been a favorite pass time of mine!

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting...I'm glad you liked the tassels. Please come back anytime!


Beth in NC said...

I'm sure my sweet husband knows all of these facts, but I didn't. Very interesting Bobbi!

Melonie said...

Great field trip and pics!