Monday, April 06, 2009

Little Bakers

Today I let the girls make cookies. You may have heard screaming come from the house if you walked by. Ha! They both made their own full recipe. Madison made chocolate chip and Sydney made oatmeal raisin chocolate chip. Oh my gosh did they make a mess!!!!! I just kept saying your making such a big mess (over and over and over........again.) They told me that means they will be great cooks because Grandma Strunk is messy. LOL!!!! Anyone who knows my Mom knows she can cook......but.......the clean up is.......there are no words. If your reading this Mom we love you and your cooking and the girls think they will be good cooks just like you.


Beth in NC said...

Your such a good Mommy! What blessed daughters you have!

Melonie said...

Super pics! I'm all tears now. Love seeing a pic of you and how much the girls are growing up. Miss you and love you more than chocolate chips!