Friday, March 14, 2008

Funny Face

Tonight the girls and I had a little too much fun with the camera. Tom was gone for Coach training (soccer). We had so much fun and laughed so hard. I think I might frame them in those multi picture frames for them.

A few posts ago I gave you information on a Mother with CF and her tiny new baby girl. Another blogger listed many special first that you take for granted that Tricia the mom hasn't experienced yet. She gave us a challenge:

I can't wait for you to experience every one of these moments and so many more because this is what it means to be a mommy...and every moment is glorious in its own special way.

My Challenge to all your blogging mommies...

If you are reading this and you are a mommy, I encourage you (for fun) to do something like this for Tricia on your blog. Tell her all the special, frustrating, wonderful moments that you hope she gets to experience just because she's a mommy now too.

Here I go with just a few. There are so many first I could mention they go on for years (hug, booboo, I love you, touch, food spit out on you, temper tantrum, dress being pulled up over the head when up on stage, no more training wheels,ect.). I get to spend many days with my girls but there is something about night time that brings out the sillies and cuddles. I hope for you a night of sillies and cuddles with funny pics.


Melonie said...

Oh Bob these are soooo fun! Love them. I think I will take some funny pics tomorrow too!
I wish Tricia a lifetime of sillies and cuddles and laughter. There is no better medicine.
Miss you all!

Laura F. said...

Those pics are adorable! I don't remember the last time we had that much fun just being silly.