Friday, March 07, 2008

Arrrrrr Matey

Today was Pirate Day for the 2nd Grade. I got to spend the morning with half of Madison's class. It was a fun morning with lots of games. Second grade boys are a lot of work. I was even in a 3 legged race with one of the boys and hurt my back. I had to go see the nurse and get some motrin. The girls are now going to be off for Spring Break (2 wks.) I think we'll be doing lots of crafts, reading and playing at the park. We went to the library and got some books. I'm also working at the preschool and the girls are going to come and help. I just couldn't pick one picture so there are many.

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Melonie said...

Oh these are super cute! Looks like everyone had fun! Hope your back is ok though.