Saturday, January 19, 2008

SNOW.....and the South goes crazy!!!!!

I had to work at Lowes today from 8 am until 5 pm. It was just crazy. When you walked out of the store you could hear sirens going off responding to accidents. People wanted to buy sleds, salt, shovels, boots and heaters. I did have one guy come in and buy tools for planting bulbs. He told me it was a great job for today. The food stores were just as insane (milk and bread gone). Madison spent a little time out in the snow. I just hope they have the roads clear tomorrow morning. I've got work. All churches have canceled services tomorrow. I'm sure it makes you all laugh in the North that see the amount of snow in the pics.


Laura F. said...

Looks like a blast! Hope the girls had a great time in it. Did it stick?

Melonie said...

Ok, so I am laughing a little. Glad the Girls got to play in it a little though. Hope all is well by you.

Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

Thanks. I love my firepit. In fact Sat is another burning day if you want to come hang out by the fire.