Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tour of Downtown Cary, North Carolina

Sydney's class at the Once In A Blue Moon Bakery. We love this place they have the best treats.
The whole class in the walk-in refrigerator. Sydney has been waiting to go in this since Madi did it with her class 2 years ago. Later in the day I asked her if she had fun going back into the kitchen. Her reply was "where was the walking refrigerator?" For 2 years she thought she was going to see a walking refrigerator not a walk-in.
They visited Town Hall and got to see some of the things the Mayor does.
We saw many things that day to learn about the town. We went to the library and read a book about a little town. It's funny and sad how things have changed to little Historic Downtown areas.


Laura said...

The walking refridgerator story is so absolutely adorable! too cute! Yeah, i'm sure mom is gonna tell you about the things i misunderstood when i was little. . . just watch!

Melonie said...

Oh my goodness that walk-in/walking refrigerator story is priceless! Love that. Looks like you had fun!