Wednesday, December 01, 2010

An 18th Century Christmas

Today the girls took some classes at the Museum of History. The class Sydney and I took was on 18th Century Christmas. It was really good. Syd made the swag in the above picture. They gave us a card with the legend for each one. I thought I would share that with you today.
Merry Christmas!!!

Holly: Whoever first brings holly into the house at Christmas rules for the year! (I've already told Syd that won't happen here.)

Ivy: Wearing an ivy leaf in the hair or hat was thought to prevent intoxication. Placing an ivy under the pillow may make one dream of true love.

Cedar: Small leafed evergreens at doorways and windows were thought to discourage witches, for it was said that a witch must stop and count each leaf before entering.

Rosemary: A popular Christmas green. It symbolizes remembrance, love, and loyalty.

Mistletoe: Each berry of the mistletoe is supposed to hold good luck for one kiss.

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