Monday, November 01, 2010

Noodles & Company Giveaway

I will pick 2 winners and each will get a free sandwich and bowl of noodles, soup or salad.
A month ago I went out with other MomBloggers to Noodles for a Taste Testing. This was my first visit to a Noodles & Company and I loved it. My husband and I have been twice since my MomBlogger visit and it has been great. We've always had great service! If I'm going to spend my money eating out right now it has got to be great food and service.

The cookies and rice krispy treats are great! The snoodledoodle is my favorite.

We were able to try the new Noodle Sandwiches. They were great! Our favorite is the Wisconsin Cheesesteak Duo. It is so good! Even Madison my child who only likes pizza will eat this. She doesn't even pick out the mushroom and peppers.

I also enjoyed the Med Duo. The salads and noodle bowls were great too. Another plus is they make everything fresh made to order. That is a plus for me since I am allergic to carrots. They also have a 100% satisfaction or they will make you a new dish.

Here is how you can win.....
1. leave a comment on my blog
2. leave a comment on my facebook
3. follow Noodles & Company on facebook (and let me know)
Pick 1 or do all 3.
Your name will go into a drawing.
Thank you Noodles & Company!


Carolina Mama said...

Great write up!! It was so fun and tasty! I want to win!!! :) We took the football team on Saturday after the boys ended the season with an undefeated year! :) They loved Noodles and Co! We may see you all Sunday night when we hand over the candy! :)

Jen said...

ooh, we've haven't been there yet!! What a fun contest! Would love to win!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna try that place.

Scott and Jennifer Schaetzle said...

Have you given them away yet? I'm late on checking in with your blog. Plus I'm not even sure where the nearest Noodles & Co. is near us, but I still want to enter your little contest.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving