Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Family Who Paints Together........

Stays Together!!!!!
One of my friends on facebook said we are always painting something. She is so right. I can't stand white walls. I need col0r. We still have a lot of walls to paint in this house to paint. This paint job took place in the Man Room as we call it. Thomas has been wanting to paint the garage floor. We found a GREAT deal on garage floor know the rest.

Whenever it rains the girls and I like to go out in the garage and read stories. We open the garage door and just enjoy the rain. We hope it rains good and hard really soon.

One picture I didn't get was what our driveway looked like. The people next door asked if we were moving and if we were selling anything. Yes, it was loaded with stuff.

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Beth in NC said...

Ha! Love it!